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Wedding FAQ

How Do I Order?

Choose your desired cookies from our store or wedding catalog.

Select the needed quantity and input your fortune messages.

If you need alterations or a specific request
please contact us below.

How Long Do
the Cookies Last?

Cookies are wrapped & good for 6-8 weeks.

We always make cookies right before wedding date so they arrive fresh.

Cookies are best stored in cool, dry place at a stable65-70 F degrees.

Do You Ship?

Yes we ship to all 50 States with USPS & UPS, and will send you a tracking number.

For areas above 80 F weather, we recommend ordering using Express Shipping to avoid melting.

When Should I
Place My Order?

We recommend ordering
at 4+ weeks ahead.
You can place an order up to a year in advance.

What is Your Pricing?

Pricing is shown in our online catalog.

For custom designed cookies,
pricing may vary from
$2.95 - $3.95

Please note Quantity discounts are usually only applicable for cookies on our shop page, and do not apply to custom designed cookies or the  special wedding catalog.

Can I Pick Up

My Order?

Yes, we have flexible pick-up hours on both weekdays and weekends upon request.

How Many Cookies
Should I Order?

Most of our clients order
1 - 3 cookies per guest
so they can take some
cookies home.

Can I Do Custom Fortunes?

Yes, you can have custom fortunes. We print on both sides and you can have multiple fortunes.

Character limit is 80 characters per side,
spaces included. 

Are the Cookies 

Yes, all cookies are individually wrapped in crystal clear cellophane packaging, and should stay wrapped until they're about to be eaten.


What is Your Specific Question?
Custom Cookie Info
Chocolate Dipped
I need:

Thanks! Message sent.

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