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Shipped Straight to Your Door Each

Snapdragon Cookies

Enjoy the freshest batch. 
Baked & shipped same day!

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✔️ VEGAN - No animal product

✔️ No Preservatives or Additives

✔️ No Nut, Milk, or Eggs

✔️ Locally Made

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How Does It Work?

1. Choose Your Box Size
2. Submit Your Order
3. We'll Email You a Confirmation
4. You'll Receive a Box Each Month

You Can Change


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Choose Your Monthly Box Size

California addresses only

Treat Yourself

Enough to Share
(If you want to)

Cookie Hoarder
(We won't judge)

Choose Your Monthly Box Size

Snack for Netflix

Family Sized

Now that's
We love that.

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Non-California Addresses

Subscription Policy & FAQ

How do I cancel or pause my subscription?

You will receive a reminder email before shipping that will give you 24 hours to update your subscription.
Simply email us or click on this link to update your subscription.

*You must update your subscription before your shipping date. We cannot change an order after it's shipped.

Where do I input my address?

The subscription button will process your payment. Afterwards, you'll receive an email to confirm your shipping details.

How does payment work?

Your credit card is automatically processed once a month before shipping. If you need to update your payment, we'd cancel the old subscription before adding your new one.

How many cookies do I get?

Depending on your box size, each pack refers to 1 bag of cookies. 
Each bag is 7 oz. so a box of 4 Pack will receive four bags of cookies. 

Why is there a price difference between CA and rest of USA?

The USPS applies a surcharge to out-of-state packages. The price difference goes entirely to postage. We're a small bakery, without the powers of a giant company like Amazon, so we're unable to cover the difference without a loss.

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