Creating a White Rabbit Candy Fortune Cookie

#whiterabbitcandy #fortunecookies

Our recent project to create a batch of flavors was our most challenging project to date.

It started when we were looking at the White Rabbit Candies at our local supermarket.

A childhood staple, the soft, sweet milky flavor of the candies triggers a nostalgic feeling for everyone who grew up eating them.

We bought a pack and while eating them, a sudden thought came to us.

"What if we made a White Rabbit fortune cookie?"

Making new flavors is not new to us, we've made all kinds of flavors for previous seasons, like the good ol' classic matcha and strawberry cookies. But White Rabbit candy was something we never considered before. Where would one even start? Why stop at White Rabbit candy? Why not make other candies into cookies? Little did we know that these sweet little white candies were leading us straight into a deep rabbit hole.


Anyone who has tried these candies will know that it takes a good minute for them to soften in your mouth before they melt. The hard, unforgiving texture of these candies made it very very difficult to work with. The first challenge was trying to turn these candies into something we can incorporate into our fortune cookies.

Our first attempt was to melt the candies in a double boiler like chocolate and see if they melted into a soft gooey consistency that we can dip the cookies into.

After half an hour, the temperature was high enough and the candies melted into a hard, sticky, dense, bubbling goo. The texture was like semi-dry molasses.

Most definitely not what we were looking for.