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Custom Messages
Multiple Custom Fortunes



Do you do custom fortune messages?

Yes! We absolutely do. When you click on the cookies, each page has a space for you to type in your messages. 

Character limit is 80 characters, spaces included.
We can print front and back and up to 5 custom messages.
If you have additional messages, there may be an additional fee.

We know coming up with good fortunes is hard work! If you need ideas for messages, just let us know and we'll be more than happy to provide some examples for you.  


Can I have multiple fortune messages?

Yes you can. We offer up to 5 custom messages for orders of 60 cookies or more.  
Additional fortune messages can be added at extra cost. If you have more than 10 messages, please compile them onto an excel/spreadsheet before sending to us.


We ask that you please do not try to circumvent this limit by placing multiple orders with different messages. We limit the number of custom messages so customers can purchase cookies with lower minimum quantity requirement. Orders that try to abuse this rule will be rejected and canceled. 


How Do I Add Multiple Messages to My Order?

For multiple messages, please add each message as a separate set of cookies. If you have 5 custom messages, your cart would have 5 sets of cookies, each with a separate message.
Please note that the messages are randomly mixed together even if they are ordered in separate sets in your cart. 



Can you separate my messages so I know which cookies have which messages?

Cookies & messages are mixed together so if you need to have the messages separated, there is an extra fee. 
To add the service to your cart, please add this item to your cart: LINK

Please make sure you put a note for "Need Sorting" during checkout in the "SPECIALREQUEST" box, or email us immediately after you place your order. If you do not indicate that you need your messages separated, all cookies will be put together. We cannot make changes after we begin making your order.


Can you print color or logos on messages?

Logos are a flat $20 fee and color printing starts at $15.00.

There is an additional charge for colored printing depending on the amount of messages you would like to do. You can add the fee for logos and color printing directly from our shop page by adding them to your cart during checkout.  Click here for the page to add logo.

Please email us your logo after placing your order. 

Having Fortunes Sorted
Logo & Color Printing
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