Do you do custom fortune messages?

Yes! We absolutely do. When you click on the cookies, each page has a space for you to type in your messages. There is no minimum order of cookies and we can print front and back.  We do up to 10 messages per for free and sort up to 5 messages. There is however guidelines to different custom messages. See below #2. 

We know coming up with good fortunes is hard work! If you need ideas for messages, just let us know and we'll be more than happy to provide some samples for you. 


Can I have multiple fortune messages?

Yes you can. Additional fortune messages can be added at extra cost. Please note we only sort up to 5  different sets messages, if you don't mind that all your cookies will be mixed together in one box, this would not apply to you. See 03 below for details. 


Please do not try to circumvent this rule by placing multiple orders with different messages or otherwise. We limit the number of custom messages so you can purchase cookies with no minimum requirement.

If you have numerous messages (more than 25 different messages), please contact us before you place your order so we can help you.

To do order cookies with multiple messages, simply type in your custom message on the product page, select the amount of cookies you want for that particular message, and click add to cart. Repeat with the additional messages. 


Detailed Example:

You want to order 100 cookies, you want half the cookies to say "Happy Birthday" and the other half to say "Wishing You the Best"

     Select 50 cookies in the quantity. Type in the first message and add the cookies to the cart.
Repeat by selecting 50 cookies again in quantity and typing in the second message and add the cookies to the cart.

Your order total will have 100 cookies with 50 of the first message and 50 of the second. You can repeat this with as many different messages as you want.



Can you separate my messages?

We will separate up to 5 different messages. You can indicate that you need your cookies sorted during checkout in the "SPECIAL NOTES" box, or email us immediately after you place your order. If you do not indicate that you need your messages separated, all cookies will be put together. We cannot make changes after we begin making your order.

If you have more than 5 messages that you need to be separated, please contact us.


Can you print color or logos on messages?

Yes, we absolutely can print in full color for you. There is an additional charge for colored printing depending on the amount of messages you would like to do. Please email us for details. 

For logo printing, please email us your logo. We will format it into the messages for you. There is a $15 fee for logos. 

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